The 6th Symposium of the Study Group on Musics of East Asia

Dates: Tuesday August 21-Thursday August 23 2018
Venue: National Gugak Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Organized and Hosted by the National Gugak Center and Korean Musicological Society

MEA committee

Welcome to Seoul for the 6th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Musics of East Asia! The MEA Executive Committee looks forward to seeing many old friends and new faces in one of Asia's most musically exciting cities, and is very grateful to the National Gugak Centre and the Korean Musicological Society for their kind invitation to hold our symposium at the Centre. We are thrilled at the opportunity to return to the Republic of Korea eight years after the Academy of Korean Studies hosted MEA's 2nd Symposium so memorably in 2010. The Call for Papers is designed to offer the greatest number of scholars possible the chance to present their latest work and interact with colleagues from other countries, and we could not be happier to be doing this against the Korean cultural backdrop. Please come and join in the scholarly discussions, informal exchanges, and musical experiences!

Helen Rees, Chair, Executive Committee
ICTM Study group on Musics of East Asia

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Korean Musicological Society

Welcome to MEA 2018 Seoul South Korea. Korean Musicological Society, Organized in 1948, has a long history as the first music-related academic association in South Korea. It has not only published the first academic journal related to Korean traditional music (Studies In Korean Music), but also supported young scholars to come to the academia of traditional music.

As puting emphasis on academic network and scholarly discussion, we already successfully hosted ICTM MEA in 2010. However, MEA 2018 will be a very meaningful milestone in our history because it is the year of the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of the Society. I hope to see you soon in Seoul.

KIM Woo-jin, Director of Korean Musicological Society/Co-chair of MEA 2018

Korean Musicological Society notice

National Gugak Center

National Gugak Center is the cultural art institute that has a long history since its beginnings as “Eumseongseo” in the Kingdom of Silla. It has carried over its role and succeeded the dignity of national music institution through the Joseon dynasty under the name of "Jangakwon" and "Iwangjikaakbu."

The National Gugak Center has continued to appropriately preserve and passed down traditional art and carried out creative efforts on a traditional foundation. In addition to the promotion of concerts and academic research, the Center constantly strive to seek modern values and a futuristic outlook in traditional art. The National Gugak Center will make every effort to naturally blend traditional art into the lives of Korean people, and further, to proudly share our culture with the people in the globe.

The National Gugak Center is very proud of co-hosting the 6th Symposium of the Study Group on Musics of East Asia. We welcome all the participants coming from all over the world, and do our best in the preparation of the symposium.

We hope that many ethnomusicologists in the world can come and meet in Korea in 2018. Thank you again for your support and interest on the symposium.

Lim Jae-won
Director of the National Gugak Center

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The Local Committee for 2018 MEA is:

Kim Hee-sun
Director of Division of Music Research at the National Gugak Center
Co-chair of MEA 2018

KIM Woo-jin
Director of Korean Musicological Society
Co-chair of MEA 2018

Chair of the Programme Committee